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In the modern first world, we tend to take clean water for granted. Well water lacks the constant scrutiny of most public water supplies however, and must be attended to regularly. Our world is full of toxic substances such as herbicides and pesticides, animal waste and carcasses, and more.

The following diagram explains several of the ways your well can be contaminated by the surrounding environment. Take a moment to look it over and consider how these threats apply to your personal, corporate, or agricultural water supply.

Well Drilling Excavating Geothermal Services Sturgeon Bay WI

Dont' Put It Off!
We understand that the temptation is there to turn a blind eye to the potential dangers your well water faces, but the above diagram clearly explains why it is critical that you maintain a clean well. If you are unsure when the last time your well was inspected or are still not convinced that it is of the utmost importance, we urge you to call us immediately. Unclean wells pose a threat not only to those directly exposed to them but to the surrounding community, and we will always do everything we can to minimize such risks.

Water Sampling services Sturgeon Bay WI

Water Sampling services Sturgeon Bay WI

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